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Now that I've had my car for nearly a year I finally feel like I can write a review or at least give my opinion on my little Jam.
I ordered my Adam Jam last may, it took 16 weeks to arrive as I waited for the new reg and quite honestly I have never felt so impatient in my life. Joining this site made me a little hesitant as all I saw was bad reviews or problems but once I had designed everything I fell in love too much ( If you are thinking about buying an Adam don't be worried by other people's experiences, everyone is different). It's a lovely little car to drive, I only have a 1.2 which is perfect for me as I drive like a little old woman
I have driven several cars over the past year including a Ford Ka, a new Fiesta and a Chrysler, it's fair to say the Adam always came out on top for me personally and I usually hate driving.
Safety is the main pro for me with this car and definitely essential, in February I posted about someone crashing into the back of my car pushing me into the car in front. The car at the back was absolutely totalled, it pretty much had no front end he'd hit me at some speed. I remember smoke in the car and honestly thought my car was on fire but I found out afterwards that the cars pre-tensioners had activated which I didn't even know I had but if it hadn't been for them I'd have probably been in hospital. Luckily I only had concussion and a few torn tendons. 6500 pounds later I'm very happy to have it back :)
The only bad point about the Adam is probably the back seats, getting someone older than about 10 in the back is a little bit of a squeeze, especially in my family where everyone is near enough 6 foot tall if not taller. You'd be surprised how much shopping you can fit in them though! I also ended up buying some door sill plates as my door sills were getting little scratches on them from the door, I don't know if this happens with everyone's but they honestly look great and I really recommend them, I know some people don't like the mirror/chrome but I'm sure you can get black ones somewhere
I recommend Adams to everyone who is looking for a new car now, definitely wouldn't be without and I still get comments and people pointing a year on! Hope everyone is loving their Adams just as much
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