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<div style="font-size: small; line-height: 22px; ">Watch the Video on the Guardian site here:</font> Butler, Louise Gray and James Small go on the road with Vauxhall Motors to collaborate on ‘ADAM Journey's' the three designers were filmed on their creative journey to personalise their own Vauxhall ADAM car ahead of its UK launch in early 2013.A conceptual film entitled ‘ADAM Journeys' reveals their designs, and an intimate ‘Making Of' film that gives some insight into the process, charting the evolution of their designs in this unique project.Director Tom Giddings captured their personal career journeys as well as their processes in customising the Vauxhall ADAM car.</font>No creative journey is complete without a mentor, someone to validate your ideas, offer encouragement and support – and each designer's mentor appears in the films.</font>James Small is joined by Kim Jones, Men's Style Director at Louis Vuitton, Fred Butler is joined by yours truly, and Louise Gray is joined by Richard Sloan, stylist and fashion consultant who also styles her shows.</font>Both films highlight how each designer is strikingly different in their approach to fashion, and how their designs reflect and compliment the different ADAM launch personalities, SLAM, GLAM & JAM.</font>
Louise Gray and her mentor Richard Sloan</font>Each designer has been chosen to reflect the stand out personality of each of the launch options, illustrating how the Vauxhall ADAM is more than just a blank canvas, it is a colourful individual with the ability to completelyreflect its owner's personality.</font>
Louise Gray and her mentor Richard Sloan</font>Louise Gray says,“I wanted to think about the excitement of a new car design, and something that suited the ADAM JAM specifically. I have created a kind of party outfit for the car and wanted my design to be a celebration with a party-like feel. I have brought a mixture of print and texture to the design, which I think really suits the ADAM JAM"</font></font>ADAM&Louise– ‘ADAM JAM' suited Louise Gray's bold and quirky style and it's personality very much informed the selection of raw-cut materials Louise has chosen to create curtains of ragging over the front window screen and rear window.Foil-printed silk crepe, glitter-print netting and rubber-printed holographic sequins, jostle alongside inky blue chiffon, featuring large oversized sequins, navy PVC, yellow leather and vibrant blood orange spot-printed cotton, in a beautiful array of textiles, creating a Carnival and celebratory feel, reinforced by giant heart shaped red Latex balloons strapped to the roof!</font>
James Small with his mentor Kim Jones</font>James Small says,“I would describe my style as sleek & luxurious with a rock and roll casual twist, so I found it easy to interpret the ADAM GLAM personality.It was fun to be able to ‘dress the car' as you would a model and create a unique outfit which brought the ADAM to life.”</font></font>ADAM&James– ‘ADAM GLAM' depicts a sleek and luxurious personality, and fits with James Small's elegant menswear and love of intricate print.He has wrapped the car in a black and pink graphic that fuses tiger camouflage with an overlaying paisley pattern.He has cleverly used a complimentary colour to highlight ADAM's signature floating roof, by keeping it solid and glossy.He felt a camouflage would work well with the contours of the ADAM.Usually associated with casual attire, he describes this special camouflage graphic he has created as “glam camo with a soft edge”.</font>
Fred Butler with yours truly, her mentor</font>Fred Butler says,“Customising the ADAM design with my own concept of a decorative shell to ergonomically fit with the body's details has been a fun challenge. My approach to accessories is making sculptures to fit the human form so it's been exactly the same problem-solving process, but for a completely new model. I first started figuring out the structure</font>ADAM&Fred– ‘ADAM SLAM' perfectly epitomises Fred Butler's daring character with its street-led personality.She has incorporated a colour palette of primary colours, lilac and mustard into the Dibond coloured-aluminium geometric sculpture she has created in modular sections to adorn the front and rear of her ADAM.She describes her organically growing form as ‘Car Couture'</font><div style="font-size: small; line-height: 22px; ">The ADAM Vauxhall Motors is small, elegant and decidedly urban. All three designers have their own strikingly different approach to fashion and what is fun is the way each of the designer's personalities are expressed in the Vauxhall car.</font><div style="font-size: small; line-height: 22px; ">Niels Loeb, Chief Designer, Exterior, Vauxhall Motors says,"Working alongside Louise, James and Fred has seen automotive and fashion design merge. As designers we all create ideas but are also challenged by different rules and lead times. The ADAM Journeys project has provided an insight as to how we can work alongside such talent. We're proud to present ADAM Journeys."</font><div style="font-size: small; line-height: 22px; "><ul><li style="line-height: 19px; ">ADAM Journey's will be screened at Vauxhall Fashion Scout on Tuesday 18 September 2012</font>[/list]<ul><li style="line-height: 19px; ">All 3 cars will be displayed from Friday 14September outside Vauxhall Fashion Scout at Freemason's Hall for the duration of London Fashion Week</font>[/list]
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