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Since picking my car up I've been going backwards and forwards between my dealer and vauxhall infotainment because when I put my order in last September i was asked to sign a disclaimer for the intellilink... On this form it says that my Nokia (that's all it said) should run an app called mirrorlink, something GM are subscribed to.....

Mirrorlink for Nokia doesn't exist

I've known it didn't exist since I first phoned them in the middle of December after I picked the car up, and it's been dragged out nearly 3.5 months. And having done a bit of research there's a forum on the Nokia website with posts dating back to feb 2013 asking about it

Both parties were passing me back and forwards till yesterday I got a phonecall with a possible offer of a sort of compensation of a complete refund of the intellilink which will hopefully be confirmed Monday.... Hopefully I can get on with enjoying my Adam then and not being at loggerheads with vauxhall about it
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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