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Hi guys,Just collected the wifes adam and am fuming! The car is 6 months old and network Q. When i looked at it i noticed 3 small chips that had been badly painted with what looked like gloss white house paint. The garage said they would pick it out and use the correct pen. The damaged area was less that the size of a coin. When i collected the car it was very appropriately wedged up to a wall. On getting it home and having a good look it seems this dealership employ Stevie Wonder to do repairs and they have sprayed the WHOLE back end which now sticks out like a sore thumb!
This is my first ever vauxhall so i dont know how helpful they will be other than i have emailed them and await a reply.
Q1 how helpful are the general dealerships
Q2 Do these thing ever get sorted without getting out of hand and ending up in court
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