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As son of you may know, Ive brought myself some custom made seat covers and had the owners club text and car outline stitched on.
Im putting an offer out that if anyone wants to buy any I can order them for you. The company I use has done a really good job on the covers, and im just getting the stitching changed as it wasnt what I wanted.
Here is a rough picture of the seat covers:

The ADAMOWNERSCLUB and car outline are going to be white, stitched onto the red back of the seat covers.
They can do these in any colours you want, you get the 2 front covers with the stitching, and back seat covers. Come with hooks for you to fasten them at the back as with all seat covers.
Now for mine I paid £178 + £23.25 import tax.
If I can get a 3 or more orders for them, the price will be £155.00 + import tax.
Now this is based on them currently being delivered to me and I will forward them onto you first class royal mail for £5.
I could have them "drop shipped", but if something isnt right with them, then you would then need to return them to me to get them changed, meaning extra postage, or if your local, could meet up at Bluewater and I can bring them with me.
Please let me know if your interested, I know it is quite expensive, but having looked at prices over here in the UK for custom made seat covers, its nearly double the price.
Waiting time is about 2-3 weeks to be made and shipped over.
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