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As this is a new club/group etc I was wondering if any of the 'Mods' had put any thought to a club meeting?

Might sound a bit daft and you may or may not know but there's a large organisation that covers all the Vauxhall / Opel clubs in the UK, it's known as the VBOA. The event is the UK's largest GM gathering and will take place this year on the weekend of the 13-14th July at Billing Aquadrome, Northampton (massive venue with camping on site, funfair, bar, chippy/curry house etc)

I've been attending the meeting for the last 20yrs on/off with various classic Opel's that I've owned. Each club (from modern VXR to vintage Vauxhall) has it's own pitch area, which allows the club members to display their cars, set up tents etc and basically make the most of what's normally a great weekend. In the past there have been upwards of 800-1000 cars on display, there's Trade stands, Vauxhall normally bring a display of historic vehicles, Irmscher (GM tuning company) etc have been in attendance etc......all in all a great weekend.

So there you have it, might be worth giving some thought Edited by: Source Automotive
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