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Driving to work the other night was pretty scary in falling snow, so much so I took the long way so I could stick to the main roads. To get to work there is a BIG dip and hill to climb, then two further steep inclines which hadn't been gritted. I just ad to grit my teeth and get on with it. Down the hill into the dip and then back up in second gear, I was holing on to the steering wheel but Adam got me there. The next two hills were covered in fresh snow, with no tracks underneath, it was a bit of a zig zag up the hill and to be honest if anything had been coming down I think I would have been stuck, but yet again I wasn't dissapointed, and made it in to work on time. Having driven for over 30 years these were some of the worst conditions I have driven in and I am very impresses with the performance of the car. Other work colleagues didnt get up the hill!
Having come for a 1.6 to the 1.2 I have noticed the difference, but having made thedecision due to insurance costs, and my sons provisional licence I have to say that I am very impressed overall. Nice smooth journey, before the snow, and the speeds builds up nicely on the motorways, even if the acceleration isn't there when overtaking. Reverses nicely, andmaneuvers well into tight carpark spaces in the shopping centre, and even though the boot isn't huge there was still plenty room for the bags as its deeper than it looks.
My son was well impressed with the sounds and I spent the first 80 miles driving listening to songs of his choice coming from every angle within the car.
Overall a car that is cool enough for an 18 year old and stylish enough for a 50 year old has to get 10 out of 10 every time...
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