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G'day fellow adam fans
New to the forum, Didn't know such one existed but when you've got such a lovely little car such as the Adam you do really want to shout about it and what better place than among others who want to shout with you,
So it started essentially with me and my Fiancee deciding at the ''ripe'' age of 23, shes 21 that it was time to fly the nest and get our own place of which we are now happily settled in and loving the freedom, but in order to get to where we are now we had to deal with our original car which was absolutely great but costing us far too much,
we started off with a Vauxhall Astra 09 plate, 1.8 Sport, great car, extremely nippy, just the right amount of umpf and comfort but harsh on the wallet when you want to grab some milk from the local shop, so we were left with a choice, do we sale it and both get the bus to save money, or part ex for something more affordable..

both car nuts so we looked at each other for only 10 seconds before we burst out in fits of laughter about the idea of us riding the bus to save money, that was just not an option, so what next....?

both having Vauxhalls previously and knowing they were a safe bet to some extent we opted we'd first of all try out local sales room and totally forgot the Adam existed until we saw one in the sales floor, took only a matter of minutes looking round the car to know we were onto a winner here, long story short we got our Adam Jam within 2 weeks, brand new, with great service, a great discount, and a brilliant deal on our part ex, now were both hooked on our new little city go cart.

Thats the story thus far, nice to meet you all and i hope to chat to you guys very soon.
Jamie (Wtheezay)
(PS will be uploading pictures of the adam to gallery shortly)
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