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Hi Guys!
For one, i had my car parked outside my friends house for the day and i came back and someone had stolen my wingmirror cover, wondering if anyone knows of anywhere i can get one before this weekend as i have a car meet and it's currently looking very sad with duct tape and a bag to keep the rain out (Scotland, YAY!) i have the carbon ones so want to get one oof them.
Peter Vardy, the local dealer in aberdeen says it will be £27.98 for the primed one which is pretty good but it will be £89,.00 to get it painted in the carbon style!!!
found a pair on ebay but i don't need the pair just the drivers side! anyone got any ideas?
Also there is a meet this weekend in Aberdeen if anyone would be interested? it's one organised by the local car club TSG (Track And Street Grampian) but everytyime i go to one i'm always the only adam and would nice to see tany others going about and havce them all lined up!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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