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Picked up my adam glam about 3 weeks back
got to say it was an impulse purchase but love it to bits. It's the 1.2 engine, white, pan roof,17" graphite alloys & intelilink. Got it from Arnold Clarke stoke having read a few posts about the wait time some of you folks have had glad I had this one as it took a week to get hold of. Had it as the eldest is learning drive so he can use it when he passes test.

Had a fair few vauxhall through my time from nova's to the one if just parked up & still got which is a 97 Frontera sport which is slightly modified
now it feels like me chuff is on the ground

Love the fuel economy of it. Got the bring go app but only got the cheap version for 69p which got to say works fine for me took me direct into manchester last weekend & never took a wrong turn.

Anyhow enough waffle of me I'll get a couple of pics up at the weekend.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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