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2013 vauxhall adam 80k miles.

3 months ago i was driving my car and it went from normal to high temp, code 4 came up and the car was beeping at me. I didnt drive it for days after but when i next tried to turn it on it would not start up atall.
i was told from a garage that the coolant bottle had a slit in it so i had this replaced, i also replaced my battery- i had also had my water pump replaced beforehand.

the car weirdly started when i disconnected the MAF sensor as i was told this was the issue, however this didnt last long…
the car wont start unless i bump start & even then it still says code 4, has a high temp, battery warning light flashing red and is beeping at me.

everything seems normal aside from this, normal oil, exhaust is fine, the fan used to keep going after the engine stopped but now that i replaced the coolant bottle its back to normal.

has anyone experienced this issue or know what could be wrong? please help. I have spent an absolute fortune on this car and cant sell or get rid of it as i am paying monthly.
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