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There have been a few posts lately about people connecting/using their phones. I may be wrong but I remember linking my phone fully was not as simple as I thought it would be. It was done in 2 stages - connection and address book initialisation. The first time I tried I was a little impatient and didn't wait long enough for the initialisation to even start. Read the manual carefully and be patient

There is a simple way to check if you are connected:

Go to the home screen, press setting, press bluetoothe connectivity, press Bluetooth devices. In my list I can see my iPhone and my husbands window phone. My phone is in red because it's the phone the car detects when I get in. If we want to connect hubby's this is the menu route to choose his.

My phone disconnected itself today, I pressed the button on the steering wheel and it reconnected itself.

I hope this info can help someone sort their phones and intellilink out x
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