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My Adam has just arrived at the dealer - I pick it up on Sunday.
It is the Glam 1.4, and I had it loaded with everything! I have never specified my own brand new car before, so went a bit mad.
It is in what some of you call 'hearing aid beige'... or A Star is Brown, with white roof, mirrors and logo bar - plus the diamond cut white my fire wheels.
Inside I have the cocoa leather pack, technical pack, Sight and light pack one - I am not even sure I can remember what all the packs contain.
I went to have a look at it and it really does look gorgeous. Just right for me... I am not a young sporty something and so the brighter colours are really not for me.
I hope it drives nicely - my last car was a Range Rover - so it is going to be a bit of a change!!
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