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First it's a great little run about,pretty quick ish,looks cool,1.4 purple glam with 17"grey alloys and white roof,white mirrors and grill,intellilink etc. We fitted zenon bulbs which are much more in keeping with the LED's.Small problems have been clutch pedal squeak........garage fixed with silicon spray. sorted

when the windscreen was fitted the machine left sucker marks with are really hard to get shot of.
rear brakes squeal.......garage took apart stopped for a bit....still squeal badly.

rubber water seal in engine bay keeps coming loose.......still does after re attatching.

rattle in exhaust........this is a centre box fitted. sorted

wipers crashing over linkage fitted. sorted

also we have noticed the paint seems to scratch badly on and painted plastics,front and rear bumpers have loads from where we have no idea?

anyway it's going for its first service in a few weeks and Perrys in canterbury have been pretty good tbh,just need some nice weather to keep it clean!
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