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Hi, I'm gutted to say the least, my 4 and half year old Adam Glam with 16000 miles on it needs a new engine as the camshaft has snapped!! I had no warning of this, one day I was driving along and heard a warning alert and had a message saying Stop engine now, oil pressure low, I immediately got out and checked the oil which was low but not dry, topped it up but still go the message.
My service was 6 months overdue and the last service was at 11000 miles and I now have 16000 so I safe to say I hardly use it, the garage say I need a new engine and they've never seen this in a new car before and I don't have a leg to stand on as my service was overdue.......
Anyone else had any problems like this or heard of this?
I may have to scrap it as I don't have the £3000 the garage is asking to get it fixed :-(
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