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A quick questions and answers session with Opel Marketing chief Volker Brien on the new Vauxhall Adam appeared in last weeks Auto Car magazine;
Will the Adam name and those trim / colour designations be a turn off?The Adam name will polarise but that was not the intention. We just wanted a name with a strong character and this has that. And the reaction has been 99% positive. Once we'd defined the name of the car to have character, we had to follow that through with everything else - the trims and colours included.
So who is the Adam aimed at?You might think it's a car for people in their 20's or 30's but that's not the case. The average age will be in their 40's, so the range will appeal to older buyers. They're more likely to have a different reaction to the naming strategy.
Can it tempt people out of mini's and Fiat 500's?We are 100% convinced it will be a hit. The dealer end is the the challenge. We have to explain the car and it's positioning properly to them so they can believe in it as much as we do. We will offer training to explain the strategy. So far, they are passionate and behind it.
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