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I have had my adam 1.2 Jam 6 months now, I had the showroom model and I was so excited to have the car! I love the look of the car itself but I have had nothing but trouble since the day I bought it

The petrol gauge is terrible, it jumps up and down, I could have half a tank and it could jump straight down to the red light, I get on average 200 miles off a full tank, the salesman said it would be very economical and that it would be very good on fuel which it isn't!

My windscreen is weak, I have had 2 stone chips repaired that was in the first 2 weeks! A large crack has now appeared, the sales manager took photos and said that the windscreen was weak and that he would submit a claim into the main vauxhall and he did and the claim was rejected!

The passenger chair is stiff and I cannot move it back or push it back, been repaired once and got worse and to the point that I can no longer push it back, I have a young boy who sits in the back of my car which now obviously is very difficult to get him in and out!

When I bought the car I paid extra for seat protection as I have white chairs, it was supposed to make them wipe and clean easy which they don't! I am starting to wonder if they have even protected them!

After 6 times in the garage, all they have done is connect my car to a computer and do nothing! Very disappointed and really wish they would sort my car out! :( anyone else had any trouble?

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