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Hi everyone. I have a 2015 Adam Rocks Air and would like to add a spoiler to it to make it look a bit more sporty. I have a few questions I was hoping someone might be able to help me with:

1) Will adding a spoiler make my insurance more expensive? If so, by about how much?

2) Where is the best place to buy the spoiler? Is there a particular one that fits the rocks air best?

3) How easy are they to install? Is it something I might be able to do myself, or would I be better taking it to a body shop?

I've only had my Adam for about 6 months and have never added any modifications to a car before, so would appreciate any advice. If I do decide to add the spoiler I will 100% be calling my insurance beforehand anyway just to check it will be OK, but I just wanted to know what other people's experiences were.
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