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Hopefully someone can help and apologise if this has already been covered. I have looked around but couldn't find the answer.
My fiancee has a 15' Adam Jam with the BT3.0 stereo fitted from factory. Until recently, she has had no problems playing music through the USB port from her iPhone 8. Over this past week, every time she connects her phone through the USB port (iPhone 8 ), or I connect my phone (Galaxy s10+), all that comes up on the stereo screen is, 'No Playable Files'. The cables being used can't be the culprit as my fiancees will be the lighting cable and mine will be USB C, so we know it isn't a cable fault.
Both of us are trying to use Spotify and we have both deleted and re-downloaded the Spotify app to no success.
Is there a quick troubleshooting fix? Or is it a case of going to Vauxhall and possibly being charged dealership prices for something so simple?

Thanks in advance,

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