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The Vauxhall Adam city car is set to lose its roof with a convertible version that could be released in time for summer next year.
A 'Vauxhall insider' has told Auto Express that a convertible design has already been completed by the Adam's British designer, Mark Adams, and his team. Adams has been promoted to design boss at Cadillac and Buick in the US, but design work on the Adam cabrio was finished some time ago.
AutoExpress have photoshopped an image to show how the Adam convertible could look. Given the small proportions of the car, it's highly likely that the Adam will follow the lead of the Fiat 500 and Citroen DS3 convertibles, with a powered, peel-back roof that leaves the door frames and roofline intact.
A glass rear window will lay down flat above the boot as the canvas folds back on top of it, so a soft-top Adam should boast a similar luggage capacity to the hatch, while rear seat space (already tight in the Adam) won't be further compromised.
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