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Wanted to make a post about this since I couldn't find it on the internet and had to figure it out by myself.

My goal is to get my white mirror covers black and the process gets significantly easier when you have the covers removed.

Step 1.

Turn the mirror all the way so you can get your fingers between the plastic cover and the mirror itself.

Step 2.

Start pulling the mirror gently towards you. Be careful all the clips on the mirror are plastic and you can break it easily!

I'll suggest you start from the top right corner and work your way down. (On left of the car start from the top left corner)

When you reach the bottom the mirror pops right off.

Step 3.

When you have the mirror in your hand remove the two connectors for the heated mirrors. (if you have the winter package)
Just pull them out.

I have also the blind spot alert on my car. To remove this connector you will need to press down the plastic clip and pull the connector straight up.

Step 4.

Now that you have the mirror out of the way it's time to get the cover off.

You will need to get a flat head screwdriver and gently push the plastic clips one at a time. (Be gentle on this step aswell)

Step 5.

The cover is now off.
To get it back in place just repeat the instructions backwards.

Pay attention to the heated mirror connectors. If you are not sure about the order check if it's working before applying the mirror back.

Here's a pic of the right order

Hope this helps.

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